Treat Your Erectile Dysfunction

Restoration of potency becomes pretty important issue for all representatives of a strong half of mankind under the age of 35 years. The rhythm of modern cities, polluted environment, frequent libations in nightclubs and bars, all this affect the state of health, and of course the male power. Erectile dysfunction is becoming more widespread today.

Products-aphrodisiacsAmong the evidence that is necessary to attract attention include:

  • reducing the number of sexual contacts to 1 times a week or less;
  • chronic fatigue and irritability;
  • no ability to maintain an erection for a long time during intercourse (less than 5 minutes);
  • reduced or no attraction to women in general and to the sexual partner, in particular;

As soon as you notice one or more of the above symptoms, start for the recovery of potency immediately. In fact, at the first sign it is quite possible to cope with this unpleasant disease, without the help of doctors, drugs and other supplements for potency.

It is enough to change mode of life and periodically do simple exercises. In order to make the process quicker and with maximum effect you need to correct your diet. It certainly should include, at least 30% of animal fats. In other words, you need to eat meat. Male’s nature requires delivery of these ingredients to the body, because without them synthesis of the main hormone responsible for courage – testosterone is impossible. Besides meats you must eat foods rich in phosphorus. It can be seafood, for instance – fish, shellfish, squid, etc. Marine cabbage salad also stimulates the libido and improves semen quality.

alcohol-impotencyIn addition to proper diet, you should definitely limit the use of alcohol, especially at first glance completely harmless beer. Additives and preservatives contained therein stimulate the secretion of estrogen in the male body, gradually turning it into a feminine creature with a big belly and drooping breasts.

To ensure that the recovery of potency has really brought tangible results you need to do a series of simple exercises, the main task of which is to be brought in the blood to the organs of the pelvis and the development of the muscles responsible for sexual activity and erection. Walking with raised knees is very effective as well as lifting the pelvis supine and natural contraction of muscles of the perineum (the gluteal muscles in such manipulations should be relaxed). Ordinary squats are also quite effective. Thanks to the activities above you will be able to keep a good erection for years and until at least 50 years old enjoy the female attention.